Feb 7, 2011

Arts Festival

silent scream

flame throwers

cartoons alive

Jan 5, 2011

Nov 11, 2010

You Rock My World!

Bundle of Joy

The latest addition to our family, sis delivered a baby girl on the 9th of November, 2010. Here she is, yawning away to glory on her first morning.


Apr 29, 2010

Reality Cheque

So today I walk into a bank in a business suit (in between meetings with some important people*) and explain to the lady that I want to withdraw cash# from the bank but would it be possible since I have an account in another branch another city. She tells me politely to visit the teller and give him the cheque and withdraw cash. I go 'Ok, but in whose name do I write out the cheque - sounds funny - a cheque from me to me'. She politely told me to make it out as 'Self'. I could be hallucinating but I did see one raised eyebrow. Next I walk up to the teller with the cheque made out and present it to him. He signs and stamps it and gives it back to me. While he's counting the money, I wonder why the cheque was returned to me. And then, the guy looks up at me fingering the cheque back and forth, pauses a second, and politely requests me to sign on the reverse and hand it back to him. Never felt as stupid in a long time!

* that is how I make myself feel good about a shitty job
# courtesy one lost debit card and another lost PIN

Apr 26, 2010


I don't know what opinion someone would have about me based on this but I simply love when she's styling / cutting his hair. It is a HUGE turn on.

Oh, and I haven't seen the movie.

Apr 8, 2010

Today I was in Florence

The year began with the setting sun in New York, the shortest month of the year took me to that tall phallic icon, Eiffel Tower, and the last month of the financial year was spent in the tax-free haven of Monaco...

Feb 19, 2010

So the kamina is married now...

Jan 21, 2010

Love means never having to say you're sorry

Erich Segal is no more. Call me sissy, but my life was far more touched than by the other phenomena called Michael Jackson...


Nov 5, 2009

Uninspired Me, this November

Every Child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
- Pablo Picasso

Ok, I promise, there will be only one more post in this series. I am looking for a calendar.

Nov 4, 2009


September Sky

I took this with my cell phone. One of those rare occasions to be flying around sunset time. The only regret was that I was flying to the North and seated on the right side of the aisle when the other side was revealing a riot of golden hues every passing minute.

Oct 25, 2009

East is West and the West, East

I love love this version of the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 'eternal' love song...

the video is inconsequential...

Oct 22, 2009

Just Finished Reading A Book

Come, Comrade, let's eat. I, too, am a tramp.

The Motorcycle Diaries is such a romantic book. Tugs at my heart strings, it does.

Oct 9, 2009

October Calender

Not all those who wander are lost.

- J R R Tolkien

Sep 27, 2009

Sign of Times

There must be something really wrong with all of us if there is a 'reality' show on television that attempts to create entertainment out of pseudo celebrities trying to babysit...

Sep 9, 2009

my latest girlfriend

there was an 'I love you' and a good night kiss. sadly its going to be a long distance affair. sigh!

Sep 2, 2009

Come September

September could be a good month or it could be a bad month... or it could be both in parts. Bring it on, I say... At least I love this month's calender page.

Aug 27, 2009

Old men's music

Of note: Tracks 1, 3, 4, 7 and the superlative Track 10.

Am I eligible for a quarter-life crisis? or a mid-life crisis?

Aug 12, 2009

Where the grass on the other side is seldom green

I could be a farmer, tilling the land, watching in delight as the crop would grow under my care. I would work hard from sun rise till dusk, lunch and a simple siesta in between. An early dinner by candle light, sleeping in the moonlight, probably listening to the news on AIR. But then I'd be at the mercy of weather and perhaps the rains would play truant. I would have to borrow from the local money lender at exorbitant interest, which I wouldnt be able to pay back. Worse still, a corporate giant would decide to build an SEZ over my land, enter into a JV with the local govt. development body which would in turn 'fix' the rate of acquisition, which would be paid by the cash-rich corporate giant for my land. Effectively, a pittance. Id either have to shift to the city and do menial jobs or I could chose the easier way out and commit suicide.

I could be a 'floriculturist', growing exquisite flowers which can be exported to the West. I could watch the season change the colors of my produce, count the honey bees swarm around my produce. Perhaps have a side-business of producing honey the organic way. Make millions in a few years after I have set up farms over hundreds of hectares of land in a place with wonderful weather year round. But then, an automobile company would decide to set up shop in the vicinity. It would dole out thousands of dollars to the local politicians who would de-notify the forest and agricultural land and convert it into an industrial zone. The whole region would be attract a ton of migrants willing to live in squalid conditions in return for a job in the auto company. The pollution would harm the atmosphere and that would be the end of my farms.

I could be a call center executive, restricted to working for 8 hours a day only. Meet targets of taking calls by the minute, resolving queries from stupid foreigners and gradually moving up the value chain. I'd get an accent, perhaps a foreign trip thrown in now and then. But then I'd have to work odd hours, the pay would be a pittance and my health would go for a toss, life expectancy down by 25%, apart from the slur of having wasted by upbringing and education to do a 'call center job'.

I could be a tourist guide at an exotic destination, giving tours to firangs willing to shell out dollars in lieu of ludicrous tales of past generations. I'd work on my terms and refuse loud Indian tourists looking for a cheaper deal. I could take a few months off every year when the tourist flow is low and go explore other places and take tours myself. But then I'd be at the mercy of the exchange rate, stupid firangs (again) and be a part of the general cartel which is just as well adept in procuring hookers and dope for the tourists. Probably some day, the government of India would bow to firang pressure and declare the tourist place a heritage site, UN boards would be nailed across the entire area and the Department of Tourism would bring out printed tour guides and pre-recorded audio tour guides which would make the likes of me obsolete.

I could be in the creative field, a graphics artist, a photographer, a writer, painter, sculptor, an ad executive making a living out of the things he's created and the things he loves. I could work all day, all night, hold exhibitions that receive rave reviews. Over time, I'd receive awards and my work would be resold by investors for millions of dollars and give me a royalty. I could do dope, have models for girlfriends, travel to exquisite place and attend workshops to broaden my horizon. But then, I'd be probably disorganized, a junkie, depressive and prone to commiting suicide. The whole dream could go sour if I'm not good enough and I'd live a life making sketches by the footpath near the Jehangir Art Gallery or some such place. I'd have to work for a client who's paying for my creative work and therefore he gets to decide whether the color is blue or yellow, when all I want is a dull grey. Most of the times he wouldn't pay the final payment and I would be left with no recourse but to forfeit it. The worst of all would be the pressure of having to produce something creative / path breaking / revolutionary on demand and perhaps at short notice, which would eventually lead to a burnout.

to be continued...

Jul 26, 2009

Of Blogging

The Dream

Split The Pain

Nothing To Lose

Summer of 69

To E16 and back again

You Bring out the Up-Walli In Me

I always wanted to do this post. Started making up this list a long time back, ages, it seems. As if the list on the side wasn't enough, I wanted to have a list of singular posts, and not blogs as a whole, or writers, that had, at some point in time, left me mesmerised. Influenced me so much, that I have gone back time and again to these words, sometimes for a moment of solace, sometimes to be mesmerised by the play of words again, to recreate the powerful imagery in which I lose myself... and sometimes, to just remember the tingle at the back of my neck when I read these the first, nay the second time, ever! Some of the links are perhaps obsolete, some blogs are perhaps forever lost, others are dormant since long, some of them have moved on... The list is of course incomplete and I can think of a few posts for which I am too lazy to hunt the links. Like the post on 'smells' by Smriti aka Soulcurry, or a couple of poems that I relate to very personally. Others, which I read ages back when I'd just started blogging, yet more which were more interesting for the stream of comments after, than the post in itself. There are other blogs, Ive chanced across since then, some of which I've devoured in a few hours of office time spent better. But, Gah! Now, Shorter or Longer, Never...

Jul 1, 2009

Breaking News

In other incidents of no consequence, my uncle was complaining to my 22 year old cousin about constantly receiving porn links as offline messages from him (my cousin) on msn messenger. All attempts at convincing him were futile. He was simply unable to comprehend that they are chain viruses / spam that get automatically forwarded, leave aside the fact that he would be the last beneficiary in the whole wide world of such messages on my cousin's behalf. What's more, apparently, dear uncle has been receiving such messages from my hotmail id as well. Should I really be bothered, or should I simply enjoy a laugh?

any of you on my msn contacts list?

May 29, 2009

When I Was

Urvashi, my 9-year old niece who stays in Canada won some poetry contest... here is how it goes

'When I was'

When I was one, I ate a drum,
When I was two, I ate a shoe,
When I was three, I ate a bee,
When I was four, I ate a boar,
When I was five, I ate a fish alive,
When I was six, I ate some sticks,
When I was seven, I ate the number eleven,
When I was eight, I ate a gate,
When I was nine, I ate a dime,
When I was ten, I did it all over again!!

May 28, 2009

Yesterday, a colleague told me that I am one of the few uncomplicated people she's known. I can't say she doesn't know me. In the recent two years Ive grown older, with the newfound independence I have come to realize some harsh truths of life. I can't say Ive learnt enough, I never will. But the learning has certainly numbed me. I look back at my designs from Architecture school, I look back at some of the designs I created in B-school, many of the posts Ive written here and elsewhere now seem so alien that I wonder if i can ever do anything similar today. It's a realization that has taken its time to seep in, that I'm just another drop in the Ocean and that chiildhood dream of being someone was just that, wishful thinking. Yes, I have half of my life ahead of me (perhaps!), but I don't imagine it to be much different that the past. Just another brick in the wall, as was written.

May 27, 2009

Such is Life

There is actually a tailor's shop in Baroda (if I remember correctly) called 'C'Lai'...

May 10, 2009

Man mein laddoo phoot rahe hai

After years of being ridiculed as a member of the Bajrang Dal, a dear dear friend is now un-officially off the singles list. :)

Just in time, I'd say, buddy, just in time!!

May 3, 2009

What If?

You and I will never know the answer to the question... and that won't make any difference now.


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